Slabjacking, foam jacking, mudjacking, Polylevel ™ sand jacking, what’s in a name?

Mudjacking is a process that hydraulically raises concrete slabs.  Until fairly recently, it was the only method available other than replacement.

Holes ranging in size from one inch to two and a half inches in diameter are drilled and a grout pump with an attached hose is used to pump a mud slurry under the slab floating it back to grade. Because it is less costly than replacement many accept its inherent problems namely;

– The big ugly holes are hard to conceal.

– The material, primarily dirt is often inconsistent.

– The process is fairly messy, (it is mud after all) and requires a hose for clean up.

– The added weight of the material can further exacerbate settling by overburdening weak soils.

–  The material does not flow well causing “pyramiding” under the slab.

Because of these and other limitations mew materials were needed and the technology to advance to allow the new materials to be utilized in the concrete raising industry. There has been some pushback by the Mudjacking lobby, but by and large Geo-polymer Slabjacking is gradually taking over the field and for good reason.

Many of the objectionable issues with Mudjacking are eliminated or greatly reduced with Geo-polymer Slabjacking. The holes are much smaller, 5/8″ and fewer are needed. Cleanup is with a broom. The material is very consistent. The material flows extremely well. The material can be used for numerous other problems such as void filling, stoping water leaks, under sealing cracks and more.

After investigating both methods throughly in 2010, 1-855-752-2522 chose the Geo-polymer method. The equipment was more expensive, the material is more expensive and the training needed is more demanding. So why spend more money and time training? Simply put the processes advantages sell them-self to our clients.

If you are concerned about the final appearance, Geo-polymer Slabjacking is superior to Mudjacking. In fact on every problem noted above with Mudjacking, Geo-polymer Slabjacking has the advantage.

There is only one area where Mudjacking still has an advantage, cost of material. Much of this advantage disappears due to the technology of polymer Slabjacking which results in being able to do twice as many jobs in a day as Mudjacking.

In the markets we serve you will find 1-855-752-2522 to be extremely price competitive. We recently did a job for one of the small municipalities in Eastern Washington. We bid the job as well as another Mudjacker in the area. 1-855-752-2522 won the contract and completed the work as outlined.

With all the advantages 1-855-752-2522 offers with our state of the art Geo-polymer Slabjacking why choose yesterday’s inferior method? Call today for a no cost no pressure estimate,



Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.


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