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During the construction of a pipeline, it’s very important to install durable trench barriers as a defense against erosion and washout. Typically installed along a slope, heavy rain or a change in soil conditions could send water, earth, and aggregate rushing against these pipes. This can result in wide-spread damages that would take considerable expense, time, and manpower to repair.

The team at Slabjack Geotechnical has years of experience installing trench breakers in Washington and Northern Idaho by using a highly-effective polymer injection process. The traditional practice of installing breakers included stacking walls of sandbags along the bottom of the trench. Not only was this grueling, time-consuming work, but it was far from a fool-proof solution. The incline of the slope will over time push the bags completely out of place, leaving them entirely ineffective in the event of a wash-out. Polyurethane trench breakers avoid this problem and boast several additional advantages over the traditional methods.

The Benefits of Geotechnical Polyurethane Trench Breakers

  • Non-Harmful: We engineer foam trench breakers to be both strong enough to bond itself to its environment, yet soft enough so as to never cause any damage to the pipeline.
  • Safe and Easy Installation: We can complete the installation of foam trench breakers at ground level, which eliminates the need for working inside the trenches themselves. This ability greatly minimizes the risk of an on-the-job accident or emergency.
  • Time Efficient: Due to its malleability and ease of application, multiple polyurethane trench breakers are much faster to install than traditional sandbag trenches. We can form as many as 15 foam breakers in the amount of time it takes to install a single sandbag breaker.
  • Durable: After curing for just one-hour, polyurethane trench breakers hold still for the long-term. There is absolutely no risk of them degrading like sandbags or washing away due to rain or leaks.
  • Cost Effective: Not only can we install foam trench breakers quickly, but the easy installation process only requires a small team to complete it. This allows you to save both time and resources while installing a solution that is already higher performing that more expensive options.

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