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Proper pipe installation is much more complicated than connecting all the pieces together. It also involves determining the pipe’s environment and establishing preparative measures to prevent any structural damage. Pipes are open game for everything that nature has to throw at it, including harsh weather, sand, wind, heavy soil, temperature extremes, and snow.

Applying a protective coating has long been a standard solution for preserving a pipe’s integrity, but not all coating solutions are equal. Applied in the 1930s, the first coatings were composed of single materials such as tar or asphalt. Soon, people began to realize that a single material did not possess all the properties necessary to form the most comprehensive and long-lasting protection.

Today, polymer coatings are the standard solutions because they hold protective properties from a variety of different substances. Of these polymers, polyurethane pipe coating has proven to be a considerably popular application due to its durability, versatility, and ease of installation. We at Slabjack Geotechnical have years of experience applying polyurethane pipe coating in Northern Idaho and Washington and have seen the effects it has on a pipe’s long-standing security.

Advantages of Polyurethane Pipe Coating

  • Non-Harmful: While tough against the elements, polyurethane acts as a gentle cradle for the pipe itself. The coating doesn’t break and is non-abrasive, meaning that there is no chance of damage from prolonged contact.
  • Versatility: Within the hour it takes to fully cure, we can easily apply polyurethane foam pipe coating to any structure regardless of shape and size.
  • Time Efficiency: We can easily apply polyurethane in the fraction of the time it would take to install other protective measures. The cure time is also exceptionally quick, so you should have fully secure pipes in roughly an hour after applying.
  • Durability: Holds strong against water, abrasions, temperature extremes.

For further information regarding our polyurethane pipe coating services in Washington and Northern Idaho, or for a project quote, reach out to a specialist at (855) 752-2522.

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