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The professional specialists at Slabjack Geotechnical have decades of experience in performing concrete floor repair services throughout Northern Idaho and Washington State. In recent years, concrete has become an increasingly popular flooring material for more than just industrial centers. All kinds of spaces—from theatres to airports, to residences—now utilize concrete flooring. Builders are flocking to concrete because of its sustainability, durability, and simple aesthetic appearance. However, with all its perks, interior cement flooring does have its drawbacks.

Concrete slabs naturally go through a process called slab settlement where the concrete moves due to the changing conditions of the soil it rests on. All soil will break down and change over time whether it’s due to poor compaction, loss of moisture, or soil washout. Although settlement typically takes a long time to occur, if someone installed the slab incorrectly and did not consider the soil conditions, it could happen much sooner than one may expect. If you begin to see cracks, buckles, or unevenness in your floors, contact a concrete floor repair service to repair the damage before it worsens.

Our team of concrete specialists regularly perform concrete floor repairs in Washington and Northern Idaho to successful and enduring results. Over the years we have learned what works with concrete flooring and what doesn’t, and are confident we can find a solution for any type of project. Whether your flooring is in needs of lifting, leveling, grinding, or crack repair, we ensure our work satisfies our customer’s highest standards.

To learn more about our Washington and Northern Idaho concrete floor repair solutions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (855) 752-2522 and receive a free project quote.

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