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A concrete void is a large air pocket that forms underneath a piece of concrete slab that will eventually cause it to sink if not properly repaired. Voids form when the soil that holds up the slab begins to settle, erode, or change its composition. This leads to a gap between the soil and the slab that will gradually grow bigger. Once the void gets big enough, and with nothing else to support it, the slab will eventually sink. This will result in an ugly hole and an ugly problem.

Perhaps the most troubling thing about concrete voids is that you might not even know that you have one. Most of the signs aren’t visible until damage has already occurred—this can happen anywhere from garages, to patios, to sidewalks. If you suspect that there is a concrete void somewhere on your property, contact a concrete void filling service before any heavy damages occur.

The team at Slabjack Geotechnical has been filling concrete voids in Washington and Northern Idaho for many years. In that time, we’ve developed a void filling strategy that gets the fast-acting, long-term results that your void problem needs. Our specialists use a polyurethane injection for these projects because of its ease of application and compound interaction. The injection easily spreads in every direction for thorough coverage that immediately begins to bond with and re-consolidate the soil. This effectively rebuilds the slab’s underground support and stops any cracking and strain. We’ve used this solution to complete concrete void filling projects under everything—from porches, to driveways, to flooring.

For more info about our Washington and Northern Idaho concrete void filling services, please contact us at (855) 752-2522.

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