Concrete Sidewalk Repairs

As leading concrete specialists in Northern Idaho and Washington state, the specialists at Slabjack Geotechnical have ample experience in completing concrete sidewalk repairs. While often neglected, making sure your sidewalk is in fine condition is imperative. If the sidewalk in front of your space is unlevel, cracked, crumbling, or sinking, it could potentially lead to pedestrian injury. Everyone needs to remain cautious of this because all sidewalks will eventually sink as a result of slab settlement.

Slab settlement refers to the movement that a cement slab will experience overtime when the soil below it changes composition. This shift usually takes a long time to transpire, but due to faulty installation or improper compacting of the soil, the settlement process could begin quicker. At the first sign of settling, it is important that you contact a professional concrete sidewalk repair team to provide reparative and preventative solutions.

In our decades of experience completing concrete sidewalk repairs projects in Washington and Northern Idaho, our team of experts has never met a slab we couldn’t rehab. Whether your concrete sidewalk is in need of leveling, grinding, filling, or crack sealing, our expertise can help make these issues disappear. For further information about our Northern Idaho and Washington concrete sidewalk repair services, or to request a quote for your project, reach out to the team at (855) 752-2522.

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