Slab Lifting

For as long as you own the residential property SlabJack Geotechnical warranties any resettlement beyond 1/4″ as long as the concrete has been in place at least ten years. (fully settled soil) SlabJack Geotechnical will re-lift, ONE TIME during the warranty period any sections that have re-settled more than 1/4″ at no charge. If the concrete resettled immediately (within two weeks of raising) and you inform us in a timely manner, we will re-lift an additional time at no cost. Commercial, Industrial and Municipal warranty is one year.

On concrete placed on un-compacted fill (less than ten years old) SlabJack Geotechnical will re-lift any sections that have re-settled more than 1/4″ for a two (2) year period at a 60% discount. This covers only material and labor.

The lifetime warranty does not include concrete patches, drill hole repair or sealant applied to, or between slabs.

Warranty is fully transferable if the property is sold within one year of the repair.

The warranty is void if cracks and joints are not sealed on the slabs or if back-fill is not maintained along the slabs involved or if the settling occurs as a result of flooding, earthquake or other acts of God.

Water draining off structures such as downspouts near concrete slabs, ponds overflowing and broken sprinklers can result in settling not covered by the limited warranty.

SlabJack Geotechnical carries materials on our trucks to seal cracks and joints for an additional fee. We proudly use Hi-Tech silicone concrete caulking and/or Dow Corning SL890 both commercial grade concrete caulks. Caulking adhesion warranty is one year. We do not Warranty pin holes or damage due to concrete movement.

If you are more than 20 miles outside of our core service area there may be a trip charge of up to $250.

Compaction and Permeation Grouting

For a period of twenty five years Slabjack Geotechnical warranties the material against decomposition. Any material that has breached the surface will breakdown with UV exposure and is not covered under the warranty.

If at any time during the warranty period the sub grade material decomposes Slabjack Geotechnical will return to inject additional material to maintain the integrity of the stabilized material at no cost.

Warranty does not cover areas inadvertently missed in the grouting process. (We are injecting blindly under and behind walls) These jobs are billed either by the gallon of material pumped, by the pound or by the job. If areas were inadvertently missed additional charges will apply to fill additional sections if it is deemed necessary to maintain the integrity of the supported structure.


Surface sealer’s are warrantied for a period of one year. Surface sealers are prone to small bubbles, this is common to all surface sealer’s and is not covered under the warranty, however if bubbles are excessive as determined by the company they will be mitigated and if necessary re-coated at no additional cost. Most bubbles may simply be popped and the residue swept away. Bubbles, after being popped, generally do not affect the performance of the surface sealer.

-Penetrating sealer‘s are warrantied for three years to reduce water penetration, they do not completely waterproof the concrete. Penetrating sealer’s may leave a slight white residue. This can be pressure washed off after a few days or allowed to simply wear away.

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