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www.SlabjackGeotechnical.com 1-855-752-2522 In some of the communities we serve we have other companies offering the same service, concrete raising. This post explains the differences in both methods, mudjacking and polymer injection. Both methods will raise concrete. Mudjacking is, or should be less costly. Polymer injection is a better choice in appearance. Beyond these two differences...

  1-855-752-2522 www.1855labjack.com HHHHHHEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPPP!  A frequent statement we hear when folks with sinking and settling concrete here we can help them. Concrete settles because of poor soil conditions. Poor compaction, rotting organic material in the soil, erosion and saturation. 1-855-752-2522 has the products and the expertise to correct your settling concrete. The vast majority of...

    One of the advantages with polymer Slabjacking is the very small holes needed to raise concrete. What the above picture show is two previous attempts to level this concrete with mudjacking before finally being stabilized with polyurethane injection Slabjacking, the top patch is with our method. What isn’t shown is how many fewer...

When we built our home back in 2005-6  our builder, perhaps like yours, really didn’t do any kind of compaction. As a result we have had several issues to address, first the porch, then the sidewalk then the driveway and the latest is our garage floor. (And you thought you had it rough!) The settling thus...

Occasionally we’re asked how heavy of a structure we can lift. Geo-polymers Slabjacking has raised structures well over a quarter million pounds. It is actually quite surprising how much a concrete structure will weigh. Entry porches are a good example of this and can be instructive of why they settle. A six-foot deep porch that...

You have choices when it comes to concrete repair, you can replace it and not just with new concrete, or you can use a competitor so why should you choose 1-855-752-2522? 1. Compared to new concrete or professionally installed pavers, concrete Slabjacking will be 1/4 to 1/2 as costly. A new 10×10 concrete slab is...

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