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Polyjacking and mudjacking are two similar-sounding but different methods of concrete repair. Both use hydraulic jacks to fill and raise sunken concrete, but the materials and processes differ.    Polyjacking is a newer method that uses polyurethane foam, while mudjacking uses a slurry mixture of cement, water, and sand. So between polyjacking vs. mudjacking, which...

We finally rolled out our website re-design this week, let us know what you think. www.slabjackgeotechnical.com Staying on top of a competitive Concrete Leveling field takes a lot of off-season work. Things like website design, blogging, training staff and preparing new media roll-outs keep us busy in the off season. Concrete raising, Concrete Caulking, Concrete...


Concrete is the most commonly used man-made building material in the world today. Among the qualities that keep it so popular are its strength, fire resistance, insulative properties relative to energy and sound, and its tremendous durability and impact resistance. The earth it’s built on, however, doesn’t share all of these merits. Not all ground...


Have you ever encountered broken, cracked, or damaged concrete areas? If you have, you’ll understand how unsafe it can be for you to walk on. This means that crack repair is required as soon as possible to ensure that the existing cracks do not cause more damage to the underlying concrete or serve as a...


Many homes generally have concrete in some part of their structure, whether in the basement, garage, or elsewhere. In fact, it's used so frequently in construction that concrete is used more than any other manmade material in the world. While concrete is a great choice to use in construction due to its durability and strength, it needs maintenance and repair like any other material used in your home. If you've got concrete in your home, here area few signs you might be in need of cement raising or concrete leveling services.

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