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Interior concrete that has settled can be a real problem. Basement floors, laundry rooms and garage floors are so expensive to replace. You can see why, demolition has to be primarily by hand with either jack hammers or sledge hammers. Then the material has to be hauled out by hand. With concrete weighing roughly one hundred forty pounds per cubic foot it makes for back-breaking work. The replacement work can be almost as bad, the material can make a big mess as the new concrete mortar splashes up on walls and is not easy to move to remote areas of the room.

1-855-752-2522 raises garage floors and interior concrete.  For a good idea what can be done go to our website  and in the services section, under basement floors, you will see a concrete floor in a vacation home where a pipe broke when the home owners were not home, causing massive flooding and resulted in the floor settling up to four inches. This home, some fifty miles from the nearest concrete plant either needed four hundred square feet of concrete replaced or raised. Demolition and replacement estimates between ten and fifteen thousand dollars would heave been expected with the job taking a full week or more to accomplish. 1-855-752-2522 was called, after a consultation with the restoration company, an estimate of $3016 was provided which included two hundred thirty-two lbs of Geo-Polymer.

We arrived on site 10:00am, pumped two hundred twenty-five lbs of Polymer and completely leveled the floor in two and one half hours! No destruction of the floor, no mess, and available for immediate use.

If you are looking for a solution for settled interior concrete 1-855-752-2522 has the answer. Geo-Polymer injection Slabjacking. Call today.


Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results!

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