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February 3, 2021by Jerald Sargent

Erosion of soil is a very common problem all across our service area whether that is settled concrete in Spokane, a sinking driveway in Seattle or a tilting pool deck in the Tri-Cities. Common causes are ground water movement, drainage, sprinklers or even rodents. When the soil is washed or carried away the settling concrete is sure to follow.

Many people will try and fill these voids with sand, dirt or gravel and while something is better than nothing none of these solutions are able to give any upward pressure to help support your concrete in those areas of erosion. Concrete is such a heavy material, in addition to being unable to generate any upward pressure on the slab the added weight on the soil can speed up settling.

Slabjack Geotechnical uses an expanding polymer foam that is injected under the concrete that will expand and fill voids and if needed, raises your settled concrete back to proper grade.

Call today for no cost estimate to have your soil erosion and void fill problems dealt with quickly and efficiently.
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