Occasionally we’re asked how heavy of a structure we can lift.

Geo-polymers Slabjacking has raised structures well over a quarter million pounds. It is actually quite surprising how much a concrete structure will weigh.

Entry porches are a good example of this and can be instructive of why they settle. A six-foot deep porch that goes across the front of the house twenty feet that also has two stairs and was not back filled will use 200 cubic feet of concrete, 7.4 cubic yards and will weigh in the neighborhood of  24,000lbs! Is it any wonder it compresses soils and settles?

Even a simply 10×10 patio poured a standard four inches thick will weigh 4074lbs, that’s about as heavy as a full size car!

For Municipal work, a concrete freeway slab poured 10″ thick and measuring 30×50 will be in the neighborhood of 150,000lbs, geo-polymer Slabjacking is now the preferred method of raising settled freeway slabs.

Even at ten inches thick, concrete weighs less than nine pounds per square inch (.8333 lb per SQ inch) our polymer supports 86 lbs per sq inch or over 12,000 per sq foot! Theoretically our Geo-Polymer could support 100″ or a concrete slab eight feet thick!

The material we use has gone through the rigorous D.O.T. approval process, we don’t use a cheap general purpose material on residential projects we use what we feel is the finest polymer on the market today, HMI’s RR401g.

Call today, let us raise your sunken and settled concrete,



Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.





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