Raise Settled ConcreteWhat to Know About Concrete Raising With Foam

August 18, 2020by Jerald Sargent0

Do you have sunken concrete but worried about paying a fortune for replacement costs? It may be possible to raise and stabilize your existing settled concrete slabs using a high-density polymer. This solution is quick and can save you money. Here’s everything to know about the concrete raising process using foam.

Why Concrete Sinks

Even though concrete is an incredibly durable material, the ground can shift the slabs and cause them to sink. Extreme weather conditions and water can erode soil and concrete and cause concrete cracks to appear. Avoiding concrete crack repair can create tripping hazards and other serious problems for your home and property. Sunken and cracked concrete can lower your home’s property value.

Concrete Raising With Foam

Concrete leveling and raising with foam can be highly effective and environmentally friendly. Cement raising will also help extend the life of the material. The results typically last longer than mudjacking.

Since the foam is both lightweight and strong, re-settling is less likely to occur. Polyurethane foam can save you time because your concrete can be ready for use 25 minutes after the foam is installed. With mudjacking, you’ll have to wait 24 hours.

Foam Concrete Raising Process

The foam concrete raising process starts with a visit from a professional concrete services estimator. They will examine the concrete to determine the cause and take measurements to give you an estimate. Workers will drill small holes in the sunken slab and inject the foam. This foam then expands to fill holes and stabilize the soil to lift the slab into the proper position. Once the concrete is level, the workers will seal the drilled holes with grout.

The concrete will be ready for use after about 15 minutes. To protect your raised concrete from future damage, make sure that you take steps to correct sources of water damage. Move downspouts to drain away from the area. The concrete services provider can also provide you with other recommendations to make sure your concrete stays protected.

Concrete raising with foam offers numerous benefits to you as a homeowner. Unless your concrete is severely damaged beyond repair, you won’t have to worry about expensive replacement costs. Foam injections are quick, easy, and affordable. Schedule a free estimate of your concrete by giving Slabjack Geotechnical a call today!

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