slabjack logoConcrete porch settling?

Settled concrete porches are a fairly common thing to see but not as easy to properly repair.

A simple concrete porch may weigh many tons, have unseen sub grade supports, may be the base for both decorative pillars and structural support for overhead eves and more.  Because of this it is important to hire someone who has experience with many different projects and an understanding of concrete porch construction methods.

1-855-752-2522 has raised many porches from simple slabs to multi step with both decorative and load bearing pillars. Each must be understood in order to be properly lifted and supported.

Some things to consider when raising a concrete slab;

Weight – is the porch solid or back filled? We have lifted porches thirty inches thick! Weight helps determine number and location of injection points, potential material blow out, estimated material needed and more.

Direction of settling – this reveals whether the porch was pinned to the foundation and where potential voids may be and how extensive they are.

Decorative and structural members resting on the porch – determines injection points and other strategies to consider in order to preserve the structure.

Sub grade support system (Sonotubes) – determines how/if the porch can be raised or if other methods would be better suited.

Dimensions – A wide porch that is not deep is much more difficult to level than a square porch or a porch that is narrow but deep. It all boils down to leverage, the greater the leverage the easier to generate lift, the less time it takes and the less material needed.

When you contact 1-855-752-2522 you can rest assured we have the experience necessary to diagnose and correct whatever settled concrete issue you are dealing with whether it be a driveway a walkway or a porch as discussed above.

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