How long will my concrete raising job take?

May 18, 2015by Jerald Sargent0

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Occasionally a client will want to know how long their job will take to complete.

An average job takes us about two hours, but varies so widely, even among similar looking jobs that it is hard to guarantee or plan your day around.

A one hundred square foot sidewalk, 4×25, settled end to end will be much easier to level than the same walk settled on edge.  The one settled on the end will need two injection points where the one settled on its side will need as many as five. In addition, those five injection points may need to be re-injected multiple times in order to keep the material confined to the correct side of the slab.

Other challenges can create even more uncertainty, slabs binding necessitates the sawing of joints, a sometimes time-consuming process. Extra thick slabs use more material and thus a greater amount of time necessary to pump the material.  A colder outside temperature means it takes longer for the polymer to be heated to the proper temperature, something necessary for optimum polymer expansion.

With most exterior work we do not schedule a time for the work to be done because of the wide variance in how long each job takes. If you need to be on site when the job is done we typically schedule your job the first job of the day that way you are not waiting for hours while we are dealing with something that held us up an extra two or three hours. Of course all interior work has to be scheduled, since most of our work is exterior this is much less of a problem to accommodate.

While the vast majority of estimates, 95%  or so, are generated strictly by the estimating software, there are a few estimates where we have to override the software because of extraordinary conditions or situations or contractual obligations. These kind of conditions always take more time but not necessarily more material, the way the estimating software is designed. Things such as;

– The need to tilt a slab into position with a jack prior to supporting with polymer.

– A requirement to pay “prevailing wage” and additional reporting requirements on municipal jobs.

– Slabs that require the same injection points to be re-injected multiple times.

– Voids. We make an attempt to estimate voids when they might be extensive to avoid excessive material surcharges, filling void space takes time prior to any lift being possible.

In conclusion, Slabjacking is like much of repair work in general, you never know what you will run across that throws a wrench into your best laid plans.

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