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Raising settled concrete has many names –

Slabjacking is the generic term for raising concrete. Also referred to as Pressure Grouting, Mudjacking, and Foam jacking and Polylevel.  Slabjacking has been around since the nineteen thirties.

Various materials have been employed to “Slabjack” a slab back to proper grade. Locally sourced soil blended with crushed lime, Portland cement and water is the most often used “recipe” for contractors still using this outdated method.

Several inherent problems exist with this method; first finding a consistent, plentiful supply of soil can be a challenge as well as having a place to store it. Second the material recipe needs to be followed to have a consistent fill material to work with, to thick and “pyramids” of support is all you will have under the slab which results in settling, too thin and the material will shrink as it dries also resulting in settling.

Another material occasionally used is just more concrete. Concrete is more consistent but because of its weight, about 140lbs per cubic foot it often results in additional settling.

In the 1970’s Uretek developed the method of Geo-polymer Slabjacking and later, Geo-polymer deep soil injection for stabilizing soils which enabled large structure such as entire buildings to be raised.

In 2003 the Uretek patent on Geo-polymer Slabjacking expired. In 2010, 1-855-752-2522 began to investigate the various concrete raising systems and to train with some of the industry’s Giants and by June 2011 had entered the industry as a general contractor specializing in concrete raising and concrete crack repair.

From that humble start 1-855-752-2522 has enjoyed tremendous growth by focusing on quality.

We use the finest polymers to ensure the stability of the concrete we raise, we utilize the most advanced pumping systems in the industry in order to insure that the best liquid polymer becomes the most rigid structural Geo-polymer foam.

We are in a state of constant education, be it seminars, on the job instruction for our crews or working with our suppliers, 1-855-752-2522 represents the state of the art in concrete lifting.

Slabjacking has come a long way in eighty years, with 1-855-752-2522 you can count on us being on the cutting edge in the industry.

Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.





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