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March 30, 2015by Jerald Sargent0

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Unlike mudjacking, geo-polymer Slabjacking does not generate lift through hydraulic pressure. Geo-polymer Slabjacking uses the expansive force of a chemical reaction, in this case the expansion of polymer foam.

If you have sealed your residential windows with “great stuff” brand foam in a can you have some idea how this works, especially if you bulged your window frame.  Polymers designed for concrete lifting are many times the density of the foam in a can, the material we use is capable of supporting in excess of ten thousand pounds per square foot!

The primary challenge of polymer Slabjacking over Mudjacking is the way one is placed vs the other. Because mud is simply pumped under the slab by a mud pump there is point load created that generally stays right where the pump point is. In geo-polymer injection the material goes in as a liquid that expands, as a result lift can happen at points not necessarily desirable, particularly if there are slopes under the concrete that move the polymer well away from the injection point Geo-polymer Slabjacking is therefore more demanding of the installer and requires much more experience to compensate for the variables that happen on each job.

So why go to the trouble of using a product that is more difficult to predict? There are several good reasons; first, having a material that flows better is generally a good thing as it spreads the load over a wider area which reduces stresses on the concrete. Second the material itself is about a twentieth as heavy as the alternate, as a result, overburden of the supporting soils is greatly reduced. Finally, aesthetically, geo-polymer Slabjacking leaves a nicer appearance with much smaller holes to patch and far fewer of them.

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