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For those who are unfamiliar with the concrete raising process, it’s a fascinating thing to watch concrete rise out of the ground, we never tire of it.

When we come to your site we are bringing $100,000 worth of concrete leveling equipment, tools and material, along with the experience of having raised thousands of settled concrete slabs.

As we arrive on the job site, the first thing we do is start the equipment that heats the Geo-Polymer to 130 degrees. While the material warms, we determine the best location for the injection valves and drill 5/8″ holes at those locations. For very narrow slabs settled on their side, jacks may be used to position the slab prior to the Slabjack process.

The number of holes we drill is determined by the size of slab and direction of the settling. Steel valves with a plastic collar are screwed into the concrete and the injection gun is attached to the valve with a special clamp.

Once the materials are heated, which takes fifteen to thirty minutes, the lift can begin.  Prior to the initial injection, the gauge that measures material usage is “zeroed” or reset.  The material is then injected at pressures as high as 1300psi but it is the expansion of the Polymer under the concrete that creates lift, not the injection pressure.

To monitor the lift, extremely sensitive gauges are used that measure 1000ths of an inch. This is important so we don’t over lift the slab. Those gauges are also critical when void filling where lift is not desired. We can see within a thousandth of an inch when the void is full, much sooner than we could with the naked eye.   Over filling void space creates unwanted lift and potentially cracks the slab.

When the proper elevation is reached, the support holes are injected to ensure the stability of the slab.  One of the real benefits of Polymer injection over Mudjacking , is the small holes and a material that flows much better than a mud slurry which often pyramids under the concrete, so requires many more holes than does Polymer injection.

Prior to turning off the equipment, the poundage used for the lift is recorded and compared against the estimate.

After putting away the hose and other tools used during the process, the holes are patched with quick-setting mortar, tinted and colored, if necessary, to match your concrete and the job site is swept clean.

When we leave, your are free to use your concrete. We use quick set mortar that is hard after about half an hour, but you will want to avoid direct water pressure for a day.

When you hire 1-855-752-2522 to raise your settled concrete, you can rely on four things; Superior Technology, Superior Polymers, Superior Training, Superior Results.

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