Dealing with cracks in concreteConcrete Crack Repair Basics

January 19, 2014by Jerald Sargent0

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I just had a new driveway/patio/porch poured and it already has a crack!

The vast majority of concrete will crack. The cause is usually shrinkage initially, but settling takes its toll over time.

Shrinkage cracks are typically small with virtually no discernible opening. These type of surface cracks can generally be ignored. Once they open up or settling causes a height differential, it is time to act.

To avoid further settling and cracking, it is important to stop water penetration through the crack and into the base soils below.

Fortunately, there are many over the counter products on the market today to patch or seal cracks in concrete, from simple flexible caulking, to two part Epoxies and Polyurethane systems.

While concrete mortar can make an acceptable patch if properly applied, it is not suitable for cracks that may act as an expansion joint. Mortar will simply crack and flake out over time as the concrete heats and cools with the change of seasons and even the temperature difference between day and night.

For inexpensive crack repairs, non-sag and self-leveling Polyurethane caulk is acceptable for sealing out water, some even come in a variety of colors to blend with stained concrete. The least expensive Polyurethanes caulks, available in grey, can be found at Home Depot, Lowes and Ace hardware stores. For colored concrete, Sonolastic NP1 comes in a variety of colors to closely match any  concrete color you might have.

For more of a structural repair, the two part Epoxies and Polyurethane systems are excellent choices but are much more expensive, and some are not available without a contractors license. One of the advantages of these type of repairs is they can often be blended to more closely match the surrounding concrete, somewhat like a mortar repair but with much better durability.

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