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One of the lines we use is “drill, inject, patch”. While simple in theory, the practical application of raising concrete is substantially more technical.

One of the comments we often hear from clients as we give an estimate is “I just need this one corner raised” – if only we were concrete benders.

Concrete has a couple of properties, it is really hard and it is quite ridged. Because of its rigidity it won’t bend much, which makes raising only one corner impossible. We can raise one side or the other, or we can raise the whole slab.

Hold something square or rectangular in your hand, a cell phone for example, and try to raise one corner without effecting the other sides of the “slab” you will find it is impossible.

Often, as concrete settles, adjoining slabs settle too which gives the appearance of a corner having settled independently, this is not possible.

The proper solution to the “corner down” situation is raising the adjoining slabs along with the offending corner. Only when the corner is raised do we see the degree off misalignment with the other slabs.

The opposite side of the “corner down” is the “corner up” often caused by a tree root. The solution is the same with one additional option for repair. As a tree root heaves a slab it lifts one corner, with lesser lift along two other edges, or it raises an entire side, depending on where the root is located in relation to the side of the slab. First we level the slab being heaved by the root and then we raise the adjoining slabs to create a trip free transition up and over the root. It is important to then cut the root so future growth will not continue to lift the slab.

The second option it to grind off the offending trips. While not as aesthetically pleasing, this is an option for the budget minded consumer. 1-855-752-2522 has hand held and walk behind grinders for jobs large and small.

Experience is the key to seeing beyond the simple “corner down” or “corner up” to the greater issues at hand.

For superior concrete raising, call the concrete raising and leveling professionals today, 1-855-752-2522.


  • Janice Hill

    January 13, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    You will never meet a nicer man. I panicked over a cracked patio slab and called for an estimate. That gentleman took the time to calm me down and I would recommend him for any size project. Thank you Jerald Sargent.

  • Jerald Sargent

    January 15, 2016 at 9:25 pm

    Thank you Mrs. Hill, it was my pleasure. I hope you found someone for the latch replacement.

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