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Unlike a retail store where the final production costs are known and the price is set, the construction trades deal with a host of unknown variables, this is why we provide “estimates”  that take into account all the know issues and attempt to foresee any problems that may crop up throughout the project.

What can you expect from 1-855-752-2522 concrete leveling?

After determining you would like your settled concrete raised, there are several ways to request an estimate. The most common is to simply call our phone number. You may also fill out a bid request form  on our web site and we will contact you. You can also fill out a bid request at one of the home shows we display in each spring. (For home show information in your area please see our “news and events” section on our web site)

The bid form is very short and includes the following information; name, phone number, address, email and nature of problem. Email information is gathered only because estimates are sent when possible, via email.

When we arrive at your location we will take pictures and measurements of the settled slabs, note any structural deficiencies in them and note anything that may alter the standard calculations we use in figuring the estimate. (More about this below)

The measurements taken are entered into our estimating software which calculates the amount of material we will need for your job.

1-855-752-2522 uses the most advanced software in the industry today for generating  accurate estimates for concrete raising.

The calculations are based on the measurements entered.   Length times width times number of inches settled and whether the entire slab has settled or just one side or a  corner.   In a perfect world that would be all the information we would need, and for most settled concrete slabs, it is.

Experience tells us however, when to anticipate additional material usage.  Horizontal Slabs that meet vertical walls such as garages and stoops/entries can often have voids under and along the foundation, sometimes substantial in size. These must be filled prior to lift being generated.  Entries that were poured solid and are of extreme thickness (we have seen concrete entries in excess of thirty inches thick) or that have weak soils as support, may need significantly more material than the calculation shows .

While we can, and do inform you of the potential for material overages, and make adjustments on the estimate to compensate for obvious problems, we cannot foresee everything that may lead to a material overage.

Because of this, we have priced any additional material used beyond the estimate at cost (less than half price) This potential cost is shown clearly on the estimate as a set price per pound.

Our estimate includes a summary page detailing what sections are to be lifted, the work to be performed on each section, the total amount of material included in the estimate and the price for each section raised along with a grand total for the entire job including sales tax. Additionally the summary page includes the materials overage clause, terms and conditions and a signature line if accepted.

Secondary pages detail each section, a picture of the section in question and material estimate for that section.

In order to begin work we need either a signed copy of the estimate or an approval via email. If we are doing the job the same day as the estimate and it is impractical to do the preceding we will have you sign a statement agreeing to the terms and conditions of the electronic estimate.

Call 1-855-752-2522 concrete raising today for a no cost, no pressure estimate.

Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.

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