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March 16, 2014by Jerald Sargent0

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1-855-752-2522Concrete is one of the most durable materials in existence. Concrete was used as a building material as long as two thousand years ago and has incredible compressive strength. The only real drawback with concrete is its tensile strength, in other words it doesn’t like uneven support which results in cracks and settling.

The vast majority of concrete we are asked to raise was simply poured on unprepared soil with little or no compaction, no gravel base, no rebar or wire mesh and sometimes only three inches thick. Why?

Simply put, cost. It costs to compact, it costs to used crushed rock as a base and compact it, it costs to purchase and install rebar or wire mesh. Doing concrete as cheaply as possible verses doing it properly can reduce the price nearly in half.

The product, concrete, is inexpensive, about $120 a yard. For a ten by ten patio you only need about a yard and a half of concrete. Crushed rock and re-bar can add another $100 so total materials for a ten by ten patio are roughly $300-$400 The cost on concrete work is primarily labor. For the cheap, dump it on dirt installation? $5 a foot. A quality installation with compaction, gravel, rebar/mesh? As much as $10 a foot which puts that ten by ten patio in the range of $800 for a low-budget job to $1400 for a quality job that will resist settling and look good for decades.

If you are in the market for new concrete hire a concrete contractor that is committed to providing a quality product through and through not just a pretty finish.

For settled concrete call the concrete raising professionals, 1-855-752-2522.


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