slabjack logoConcrete leveling, mud or foam?

Whether it be called foam jacking, PolyLEVEL, polylift, or Geo-polymer, polyurethane has many advantages over mud for lifting concrete.

Having experience with both Mudjacking and Geo-polymer injection Slabjacking let’s briefly compare the two.

Mudjacking advantages – material is less costly, point load lifting is less complex,  the equipment is simpler.

Mudjacking disadvantages – need to have a supplier of consistent material and a place to store it, messy, small mixer and versa-pump needs to be refilled often if it’s a large job, material must be mixed on site and pump, mixer and work site cleaned immediately or material can cause problems as it dries in pumps and hoses, material can be too thick or too thin, jobs take a while, material doesn’t generally flow well under the slab causing point loads that can crack the slab, easy to over lift, hard to fill between injection points so lots of pyramids of material under the slab, noisy, larger holes to patch and more of them, confined spaces such as interior work uncomfortable, hard to get to and hard not to make a mess.


Geo-polymer advantages – small holes with 40% less needed as material flows extremely well, material is consistent, truck or trailer carries the equivalent of up to 20-70 yards of material, no hoppers or mixers, just a hose pulled from the truck, clean up is with a broom, underseals cracks, can raise to tolerances of 1/100″ must faster operation typically three to five jobs a day.

Geo-polymer disadvantages- equipment is expensive, material is more costly, more difficult to point lift, skill/training level needed is higher.

While both processes will raise concrete, Geo-polymer Slabjacking has replaced Mudjacking as the preferred method in most instances.

Only when settling is severe and large amounts of material are needed and final appearance not as important would Mudjacking be a better choice in our professional opinion due to its low cost material.

In the vast majority of cases the speed in which jobs can be completed with Geo-polymer Slabjacking allows this process to be the same cost as the much less costly material used in Mudjacking.

Bottom line, why accept all the disadvantages of Mudjacking when you can choose the superior method preferred by Municipalities and Property Managers as well as Industrial and Commercial entities all across Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho?

We invite you to call for a no cost no pressure estimate to have your concrete raised,


Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.


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