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April 24, 2015by Jerald Sargent0

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We love to do business with local companies that we know will be here tomorrow. At the same time we want to spend our money wisely and not overpay for a product or service. Don’t we all feel that way?

With the recent purchase of our new truck for Spokane and Northern Idaho we received two very different bids to build the truck for us. One from a well-respected company in Georgia the other from an instate company. Wanting to do business with an instate company we hoped their estimate would at least be close. It wasn’t. They were over fifteen thousand dollars more than the out-of-state company, a company we had worked with in the past and knew to do excellent work.  What to do?

We called the local company and explained that we really wanted to give them our business but because of the huge difference there would need to be some pretty drastic movement on their estimate for us to offer the work to them. We explained that some of the equipment they had specked out may be unnecessarily large, we even allowed them to see the list of equipment the other company was including so they could compare apples to apples. While some local companies, for whatever reason are unable to compete with out-of-state businesses the vast majority of the time they work hard to gain your business if you allow them the opportunity to do so.

Doing business locally makes sense, the dollars spent with 1-855-752-2522 are rolled over many times in our communities with the purchase of fuel, housing, food, employment, taxes and much, much more.

Dollars spent locally pay employees in this state, pay taxes to support services we all use, and enable all of us to prosper. For these and many other reasons we are committed to purchasing locally and regionally as much as possible and encourage others to do the same.

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