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April 16, 2015by Jerald Sargent0

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-What causes concrete to settle?  Poor compaction, water, decomposing material, voids.

-How long does it take for natural compaction to finish? 7-10 years

-How long will my job take? Most are done in about two hours.

-What’s the big deal? Liability, aesthetics, personal injury, foundation damage, flooded basements.

-Damage to my yard? No. In rare cases we may temporarily remove a small section of grass.

-Mess? Nope, clean up is generally with a broom. No mud, no mess, no hose.

-Why is my concrete raising? Tree roots, expansive soils like clay can also cause lift and frost heave.

-City sidewalk MY responsibility? Yes it is, and the liability if you ignore it, just like with snow removal.

-Cracks? We can raise you cracked concrete, the question is, should we. We will honestly tell you.

-Cost? A good starting point is about $3 a foot for concrete slabs, more for porches or heavy settling.

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