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February 5, 2015by Jerald Sargent0

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Cracks in settled concrete are often not visible. As concrete settles it sometimes cracks but because of the direction of the settlement the crack gets “pinched” together. This type of crack is especially difficult to see with exposed aggregate where dirt and the texture of the aggregate can do an admirable job of covering any hint of a crack.

The crack however rears its ugly head when the slab is leveled requiring attention to the crack for aesthetic purposes and to stop water intrusion under the slab which can lead to more settling.

An easy way to make a semi permanent repair is to fill the crack with a good quality caulking such as Masterseal SL1 and then sprinkle washed and dry sand over the caulk while still a bit tacky. This is especially good with exposed aggregate as the sand closely resembles the concrete. Don’t apply the sand too soon or it will settle through the caulk which can ruin the repair. If the crack is on a section of the driveway that has a slope use non sag caulk not the self leveling mentioned above. (SL stands for self leveling) If the crack is wide, small pebbles can be embedded in the caulk further concealing the repair.

While nothing makes cracks completely disappear (overlays excepted) the above method does a good job of making them much less noticeable.

For concrete repair call the concrete raising and leveling professionals today, we can help.


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