Case studiesCase study – wide but shallow Concrete porches that have settled.

March 7, 2015by Jerald Sargent0

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Wide but not deep porch pinned to foundation

Wide but not deep porch “pinned” to foundation


How porches settle and their dimensions even though the square footage may be the same greatly affects how much it will cost to level and the complexity of the job.

Take the above example; we have a wide but shallow porch which was pinned to the foundation. Though it appears to have settled only on the front you can rest assured the soil below the porch has actually settled even worse along the foundation of the home. In order to raise the porch the void has to be filled then the front has to be lifted as well as the space which will open up once the front begins to lift. A job like this can use three times the material the standard calculation calls for unless the void is taken into account.

Conversely a porch the same dimension just narrow but deep (opposite of the picture) is simple to raise and will use much less material to raise and support. Much like a lever helps lift something, raising concrete from the settled edge is much easier than the opposite.

We utilize the most sophisticated estimating software in the industry but it cannot replace an experienced estimator who has been in the field doing the work when faced with voids or obstructions.

Our estimators are our crew leaders and owners and while we do occasionally have one “get away from us” we make every effort to take into account every variable so material overages are held to a minimum. In addition, we discount material surcharges to about 45% of the original charge. If the estimate was $1350, double that amount of material would only add an additional $600. No one likes to see a surcharge and we work hard to avoid them and when we have to charge for one we only look to cover our cost.

We are a customer focused company, we treat our clients like we would want to be treated, fairly.

If you are looking for a concrete raising company look no further, we can help.


Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.

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