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May 30, 2015by Jerald Sargent0

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Slab curl is something that can happen along control joints and edges as they cure. The differential in humidity and temperature causes slabs to curl up or down but generally up as the soil keeps the underside cooler and wetter.

In residential concrete this isn’t as big of a concern but in warehouses where fork lifts operate or there are very heavy loads coming and going it is a real problem.

For the fork lift driver without shocks it’s a big bump that can damage delicate cargo such as fruit as well as causing discomfort for the driver.

With semi truck traffic the problem is even worse. As the trucks drive over the “curl” it is pushed down into the void which deepens the void and then a foot or two back from the curl a crack eventually develops due to this flexing of the slab.  Eventually the slab needs to be replaced unless a repair method is used.

1-855-752-2522 repairs slab curl. A combination of polymer injection to stabilize the joint and concrete grinding to remove the excess “curl” eliminates fork-lift bouncing and completely stabilizes the slab. In some cases only joint stabilization is required, for example where forklift traffic is not an issue but large tractor/trailers are.

We typically use our DOT approved RR401g polymer but specialty slab curl polymers can be ordered if the job is large enough. These specialty polymers are not as expansive and will travel thirty feet or more along the joint meaning less injection holes to patch.

We recently completed a job for Bluebird Packers in Peshastin Wa. That had both slab curl and a section of settling abutting the curl.

After leveling the slab, injections points were laid out in a “stitch” pattern on either side of the control joint. After carefully stabilizing the joint, grinding was completed to totally flatten the transition between slabs leaving a smooth, even surface to drive on.

Geo-polymer slab stabilization is faster than replacement, provides for little or no down time, is permanent and extremely affordable when compared to replacement.

If you are dealing with the effect of slab curl call today for a no cost estimate for repair,





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