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1-855-752-2522 www.SlabjackGeotechnical.com Large Diameter Pipe Repair Methods, We use two primary placement methods to repair large diameter pipes and culverts: spraying and injecting. Spraying We spray polyurethanes to rebuild joints that are poorly-seated, have dislodged, deflected or deteriorated. The materials we spray have excellent adhesion to all of the common large diameter pipe materials, such...

1-855-752-2522 www.SlabjackGeotechnical.com Deep injection grouting – Pressure Grouting is the process of pumping a cement or chemical grout into soft or weak strata of soil or voids. The grout fills these voids, thus stabilizing and strengthening the soil. Pressure Grouting has many applications. One of these includes support for existing structures or where foundations have...

1-855-752-2522 www.SlabjackGeotechnical.com Pressure grouting involves injecting a grout material into generally isolated pore or void space of which neither the configuration or volume are known, and is often referred to simply as grouting. The grout may be a cementitious, resinous, or solution chemical mixture. The greatest use of pressure grouting is to improve geomaterials (soil...

1-855-752-2522 www.SlabjackGeotechnical.com Chemical Grouting is another common form of Permeation Grouting that has gained popular acceptance to strengthen granular soils is the injection of chemical solution grouts that bond the individual grains together into tone like masses that are capable of carrying loads of the structures. The chemical solutions typically consist of a base material...

1-855-752-2522 www.SlabjackGeotechnical.com Geotechnical polymers have begun to revolutionize infrastructure repair and engineers are finding more and more ways to utilize the incredible power of polymers. For example; Culvert and ditch repair; By under sealing ditches and sealing erosion at joints and inlets, ditches, dam spillways and roads are preserved. High water flows often create alternate...

1-855-752-2522 www.SlabjackGeotechnical.com Municipal and industrial concrete raising and stabilization requires both knowledge and the equipment to do the job. Slabjack Geotechnical has both. First Slabjack Geotechnical has successfully completed well over a thousand jobs consisting of many thousands of slabs. We have partnered with three suppliers who have worked in every state in the union...

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