What caused my sinking and settling concrete?



Why does concrete settle even on well compacted soil?

In nearly every case water is the primary cause. No matter how well soil is compacted when it is saturated with water it loses some of its ability to support heavy concrete slabs. As a rock settles in mud, concrete will settle in mud too.

Resolving water runoff during the construction phase or before settling occurs is key to avoiding future settling.

Gutters and downspouts directed away from foundations and concrete slabs. Avoid sprinklers near slabs, avoid planting bushes and other plants that require large amounts of water, often the best way to determine whether you have enough water is to reduce watering until plants and grasses start to suffer, then increase slightly. Drip lines can be a great solution to over-watering bushes and annuals.

When you see standing water, moss and mud you will eventually have settling.

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