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September 17, 2015by Jerald Sargent0

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My Dad was someone who taught his seven children the value and the honor of an honest days work. Dad owned a dairy and during one stretch worked seven years without a single day off. Thankfully some of that work ethic rubbed off on his children, we’re thankful for the example.

Successful concrete raising often takes a little patience and perseverance in addition to knowledge and experience.

Occasionally a small job will take hours where a larger one will go smoothly and only take half the time. It is the primary reason scheduling in this industry is so challenging.

A job we did in Colfax WA. Demonstrates the necessity of perseverance.

The slabs were beginning to freeze to the ground (Nov 15th) had settled oddly, had a section of stairs at an entry and went around a corner. If that wasn’t enough the entire walk had an iron railing bolted to it.

All these issues combined to conspire against us! Slabs freeze to soils, railings fight movement, stairs are often much thicker and require different strategies to level when attached to thinner walks.

After two hours and not much success we turned off the equipment and rethought our original strategy. After some thought and discussion we decided to cut the slabs at the expansion joints and treat the single long walk as four separate projects. Having thus decided we moved in the direction mentioned and within a few hours had the entire sidewalk raised.

When you commit to doing something about your settled concrete we commit to completing your job. Call the concrete raising and leveling professionals today,



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