Concrete garage floor settling


When we built our home back in 2005-6  our builder, perhaps like yours, really didn’t do any kind of compaction. As a result we have had several issues to address, first the porch, then the sidewalk then the driveway and the latest is our garage floor. (And you thought you had it rough!)

The settling thus far has been limited to the left side corner nearest the garage door. This is the most common section we see settled when we do residential garage floors. I suppose because it is the side most often, but not always, driven on. Once even slight settling takes place, water in the form of ice and snow, carried into the garage by automobiles melts and migrates down between the slab and foundation wall and settling is then greatly exacerbated. Cracking soon follows and slab offset becomes noticeable as the slab pivots.

Garage floors are ridiculously expensive to replace so correcting the problem ASAP is highly recommended. We have seen estimates for interior concrete replacement as much as thirty dollars a square foot, but even at ten dollars a square, a small 20×20 garage costs four thousand dollars plus tax to replace!

For Slabjacking services you can expect to pay in the neighborhood of four hundred dollars for ,  simple settled corner to two thousand dollars or more for severe settling or extra-large garages.

With our garage floor all it took was four injection points and about thirty pounds of Geo-polymer to level our floor which also leveled the crack line, roughly a $400 job.

If you are noticing garage settling call the professionals today,


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