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July 14, 2015by Jerald Sargent0

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1-855-752-2522 raises many pool decks, a large number of them either municipal or for multi family homes/apartments. Each one is instructive of the care we take with what is a huge investment for either a community a real estate investor or a home owner.

After the initial inspection is made and a plan formulated for repair, the owner is advised of all recommendations, told the estimated cost to level the deck and warned of potential dangers associated with the procedure. The customer then signs an acceptance of responsibility, acknowledging their acceptance of the risks associated with pool repair and absolving us of any liability.

Why do we do this? No concrete raising company can see through concrete, as a result there is a slight possibility that material will flow against pool sides potentially causing bulging on fiberglass and vinyl pools. Gunite pools are much more robust in construction and are much less prone to damage from the Slabjacking process, however they too are asked to sign a release before work begins.

As of yet we have not damaged a pool, we take great pains to avoid even the possibility of damaging one. Occasionally we turn down a pool job because we determine the potential for damage is too great to proceed.

Replacement of pool decks carries risks as well, breaking up concrete that is against or on top of pool walls can chip Gunite, dent steel walls on vinyl pools (or damage the liner) or damage gel coats on fiberglass pools. It is also very costly because it has to be done by hand as large equipment can easily damage the pool.

Once we are approved to proceed, 5/8″ holes are strategically drilled for the injection of the geo-polymer. We very carefully monitor lift to the 1/1000″ to insure it is happening only where we want it. Occasionally we will use a pry bar or even a toe jack to help the slab into position. These tools help direct material where it is needed providing lift and support only in locations we desire. Once all the slabs are back in alignment the holes are patched and it is available for immediate use.

Experience matters, call the concrete raising and leveling professionals today,


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