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Key to a successful Slabjacking business and satisfied customers is knowing when to recommend replacement or not attempt to raise a settled slab.

Some settled concrete does not lend itself to raising, it’s too fractured, settled under other structures, has unseen supports or is simple settled too far to be a cost-effective alternative to replacement.

Another issue we come across occasionally; a patio or entry will be settled and as it is lifted the corner breaks off, why?! The cause in many instances is a support post poured under the slab that was not installed to load bearing soil and as the slab is lifting it has to pull the support post out of the ground, the slab not being strong enough to do so breaks near the underground post to slab connection.

Fractured slabs near vertical walls can create potential problems. Anytime a slab is in contact with other slabs, binding can become an issue. As slabs bind, breakage can result as can lift be generated in areas not desirable. For example, a driveway slab fractured back from the garage a few feet can bind on the foundation wall pushing material back toward the crack which causes heaving at the crack line not lift at the garage which was desired. While we can saw this joint it does not always solve the problem of binding and replacement becomes the only option.

When you decide to raise your settled concrete call the most experienced contractor you can find, with thousands of slabs now raised in Eastern Washington, that is 1-855-752-2522. Call today.


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