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May 13, 2015by Jerald Sargent0

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Settled concrete stairs

Settled concrete stairs


If you are wondering what to do about a settled concrete staircase we can generally take care of it for you.

Stairs do present some challenges; weight, small footprint and construction.

In the photo above we have a solid stair case settled straight down because of a porch on one side and rebar holding the walk to the stair case on the other.

Weight – A small set of steps like the one above 4×3 and an average of 18″ thick will weigh about 2500lbs! That’s the same as a small car!

Footprint – our polymer is incredible, capable of raising and supporting huge loads. It it does however, need room to work. The smaller the footprint the greater the possibility the material blows out the side reducing lift.

Construction and how it settled –  Hollow? Solid? Direction of settlement? Perhaps the biggest problem with stairs is how they look on the underside, they are sloped. This causes lift to be out as well as up. In nearly every case, raising a set of stairs will open up a gap behind the stairs. If/when this happens the gap can be filled with either caulking or concrete.

If you are living with a settled set of stairs call the most experienced Slabjack contractor today, 1-855-752-2522.


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