Heaved concrete


Some of the communities we serve have an abundance of concrete that is heaved, primarily by roots.

What can be done?

There are really just two approaches to this problem other than ignoring and accepting liability.

-We can raise adjacent slabs to create a transition up and over the root, in effect a ramp. This is the easiest and least costly but may need to be redone as the root continues to grow.

-We can remove that section of concrete, cut out the root and replace the concrete. While more costly this will generally be a permanent solution. If this is the method you choose we advise contacting an arborist about the potential consequences of removing the root.

-There is one other option that preserves the root and may give years of trouble-free growth. We will remove the concrete and place half a pipe or other material over the root then pour new concrete on top of the pipe. This allows some room for growth, typically a decade or so before heaving resumes.

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