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January 8, 2014by Jerald Sargent0

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I love my job! I spent thirty years in the Restaurant business advancing from a Dishwasher to Cook to Assistant Manager to Store Manager to District Manager and then Owner and I can honestly say I would much rather enjoy a beautiful day outside raising concrete than behind a grill!

There are moments though. Slabjacking is as much art as science, we can’t see under the concrete so unexpected things can happen. Take our very first job as an example. As I began to inject the polymer under the driveway a snake, and about a foot of him, stuck his head out to see what was the matter! Rather startling when it is only a foot or two away from the stool you’re seated on.

At another job we were raising a patio, as the concrete began to lift I placed my index finger against the foundation to feel the slab as it rose up the foundation wall. Suddenly the slab jumped pinning my finger between the siding and the patio, fortunately I had a screwdriver to pry my finger out of the trap it was securely in! A quick trip to the emergency room confirmed a broken finger after which, we went back and finished up the job.

Give us a call, we’ll take the drama out of your concrete problems. We eliminate trips, seal cracks, eliminate liability, all for less than half the cost of replacement.

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Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.

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