Concrete Slab Leveling Services: A Comprehensive Guide

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Concrete slabs are the unsung heroes of our homes and buildings. Whether it’s the foundation of your house, your driveway, or a patio, they provide the stability and support we rely on daily. However, over time, even the most robust slabs can succumb to the forces of nature and gravity, resulting in uneven surfaces. This is where concrete slab leveling services come into play.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about concrete slab leveling, including what it is, why it’s crucial, and how to choose the right professionals for the job. Plus, we’ll introduce you to our company, Slabjack Geotechnical, and explain how we specialize in concrete repair services such as leveling slab concrete. So, if you’re in Washington or Northern Idaho and in need of concrete leveling, stick around – we’ve got you covered.

Understanding the Importance of Concrete Slab Leveling

A level concrete slab is more than just aesthetics; it’s essential for the structural integrity and safety of your property. Uneven slabs can lead to trip hazards, water drainage problems, and structural damage, making it crucial to address these issues promptly.

Concrete slab leveling, also known as concrete slab lifting, is the process of restoring a level surface to sunken or uneven concrete slabs. Over time, concrete slabs can settle, sink, or become uneven due to various factors. These issues can impact the safety, aesthetics, and structural integrity of your property. Professional concrete leveling services are your solution to these problems.

Methods of Concrete Slab Leveling

When it comes to concrete slab leveling, two primary methods are commonly used: mudjacking and polyurethane foam leveling.

Mudjacking: The Traditional Approach

Mudjacking, also known as slab jacking, involves injecting a mixture of mud, cement, and other materials beneath the slab to lift it back to its original position. It’s a proven method but can be more invasive and time-consuming.

Polyurethane Foam Leveling: A Modern Solution

Polyurethane foam leveling is a more advanced and efficient method. It uses a lightweight, high-density foam injected under the slab, expanding and lifting it with precision. This method is quick, less invasive, and offers long-lasting results.

Signs You Need Concrete Slab Leveling

Concrete slabs don’t become uneven overnight. They give subtle hints that something isn’t right. Keep an eye out for:

  • Cracks: Visible cracks in the slab’s surface.
  • Sinking: Depressions or low spots.
  • Unevenness: One side higher than the other.
  • Water Pooling: Water not draining properly.

Ignoring these signs can lead to more significant problems down the line, so don’t wait to take action.

Hiring a Professional for Concrete Slab Leveling

While DIY might be tempting, concrete slab leveling is a job best left to the experts. Professional concrete leveling services offer:

  • Experience and expertise in slab leveling.
  • Specialized equipment for precision.
  • Timely solutions that prevent further damage.

When choosing a professional, look for qualities like reputation, reliability, and customer reviews. Real-life case studies and testimonials can help you make an informed decision.

Concrete contractor from Slabjack Geotechnical performing a repair on a concrete slab.

The Concrete Slab Leveling Process

In order to properly level slab concrete, we follow a process that involves several key steps:

1. Inspection and Assessment

Experienced technicians assess the extent of the damage and determine the best leveling method.

2. Material Selection

Depending on the situation, professionals use materials like polyurethane foam or mudjacking to level the concrete.

3. Drilling and Injection

Small holes are drilled into the concrete, and the leveling material is injected to raise the slab.

4. Monitoring and Leveling

Technicians carefully monitor the leveling process, ensuring precision and uniformity.

Each step in the process is essential to achieve the desired results. Professional concrete leveling technicians have the skills and tools to execute these steps effectively.

Expected Results and Benefits

The results of a properly leveled concrete slab are truly transformative. When you choose professional concrete slab leveling services, you can expect:

Improved Safety

A level surface reduces tripping hazards and prevents further damage.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Your property looks better, increasing its curb appeal.


A level slab ensures the structure’s longevity.

Cost Factors and Considerations

The cost of concrete slab leveling services can vary based on factors like slab size, the chosen material, and the extent of damage. On average, expect to invest anywhere from $3 to $10 per square foot. However, the peace of mind and long-term benefits make this investment worthwhile.

To maximize your budget, consider the following tips:

  • Discuss your budget and explore cost-effective materials with your provider.
  • Prioritize professional services to ensure quality and avoid costly future repairs.

Maintenance and Long-Term Care

Maintaining a leveled concrete slab is simple with a few key practices. By following these practices, you can enjoy your level concrete slab for years to come:

Periodic Inspections

Periodic inspections are essential to the longevity of your concrete slab. Regularly check for signs of settling or unevenness, as early detection of these issues can help prevent more extensive problems in the future.

Timely Repairs

Timely repairs play a crucial role in preserving the integrity of your concrete slab. Address minor issues promptly, as neglecting them can lead to more significant and costly damage over time. Repairing cracks, fissures, or minor imperfections when they first appear can extend the life of your slab.

Professional Assistance

For more complex or major problems that may arise, seeking professional assistance is highly recommended. Consulting a professional concrete contractor or expert can help you avoid costly and extensive repairs down the line

The Slabjack Geotechnical Advantage

Slabjack Geotechnical stands as a leading authority in the field of concrete repair and maintenance. Our core specialization lies in the intricate art of concrete raising and leveling, a service we’ve perfected through years of dedication and expertise. With a deep-rooted commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we take pride in restoring and maintaining concrete surfaces to their optimal condition. 

Whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial projects, we bring unparalleled proficiency to the table, ensuring that every job is executed with precision and care. Our mission is to provide the kind of service that not only repairs but revitalizes your concrete, ensuring it remains safe, level, and durable for years to come. Trust Slabjack Geotechnical for your concrete needs; we’re here to elevate your expectations.

Contact Slabjack Geotechnical Today for Professional Concrete Slab Leveling Services

In conclusion, professional concrete slab leveling services are the solution to your uneven or sinking concrete woes. When it comes to expert concrete repair in Washington and Northern Idaho, trust Slabjack Geotechnical. We specialize in concrete raising and leveling, ensuring your property remains safe, beautiful, and structurally sound.

If you’re in need of level slab concrete, don’t hesitate to reach out to Slabjack Geotechnical today. Contact us for a consultation and take the first step toward a safer and more appealing property. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Slabjack Geotechnical team leveling a concrete slab



How often should I inspect my concrete slab for settling or unevenness?

Regular inspections are recommended every 6-12 months. However, in high-traffic areas or regions with unstable soil conditions, more frequent checks may be necessary.

What is the easiest way to level a concrete slab?

The easiest way to level a concrete slab is by using a self-leveling concrete overlay, which is a liquid compound that spreads evenly to create a smooth, level surface with minimal effort.

Can you put self-leveling concrete over existing concrete?

Yes, self-leveling concrete can be applied over an existing concrete surface to correct minor imperfections, such as unevenness or small cracks, providing a smoother and level finish. However, it’s important to prepare the existing surface properly and follow manufacturer guidelines for the best results.

Why is professional assistance necessary for major concrete slab issues?

Professional concrete contractors like Slabjack Geotechnical have the expertise and equipment to diagnose underlying problems and provide long-lasting solutions, preventing costly repairs down the line.

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