Why has my concrete settled?


Concrete contractors take note,

Concrete is one of the most durable building materials used in modern construction. In residential construction it is used primarily in foundations, driveways and walking surfaces. Concrete placed on virgin soil or compacted soil rarely settles, however concrete placed on fill or if soils are saturated to the point of washing away, concrete can settle rather dramatically.

The three main causes of settling are, poor initial compaction, excess water and the break down of organic material in soils. (Leaves, roots and grasses are common)

If you are beginning to notice settling there are a few things you can do to prevent further settling. Put up gutters and direct water well away from foundations and walks. Remove plantings and sprinklers from areas with walks or porches and caulk the joints and cracks in concrete walks and along foundation and walk junctions. The goal is to push water well away from walks and foundations and reduce as much as possible the saturation of soils under and near your concrete.

If settling has already happened call the concrete raising professionals today,


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