concrete floor grindingWhat Are the Benefits of Concrete Floor Grinding?

October 25, 2019by Jerald Sargent0

Whether it’s for a home or a business, everybody wants attractive and durable flooring that is low maintenance and cost-effective to install and keep up. But if your concrete floor is damaged, you might be tempted to cover it up with something else. Don’t! Keep reading to learn why you should invest in concrete floor grinding and restoration.

What is Concrete Floor Grinding?

Originally a method used by concrete service contractors in the repair of concrete, marble, and granite floors, concrete floor grinding is a process of grinding and polishing concrete floors until they have a sheen similar to that of a finished marble, hardwood, tile, or granite floor, for a fraction of the cost and a great deal less fuss. Concrete grinding service professionals employ a number of different tools and processes to produce concrete floors with varied and enticing finishes. Each of these could be a great fit for rooms and of all kinds, from garages to rec rooms to bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. The high durability of concrete makes it a popular alternative to other flooring options.

It’s Low Maintenance

Easy to clean and requiring minimal maintenance, floors finished with concrete grinding possess a natural shine that doesn’t depend on the regular application and reapplication of awkward waxes, polyurethane or other finishing coats. And they resist marking or staining by nearly any substance, even paints, oils, and many chemicals. They require periodic and easy cleaning with a dust mop, and intermittent deeper cleaning with standard floor mops — that’s it.

It’s Durable

Floors finished by concrete floor grinding are nearly impossible to damage and last a great deal longer than hardwoods, laminates, tile, linoleum, and other flooring choices. And the minimal cleaning they require extends their life as well, as they need almost no scrubbing, no contact with harsh detergents, and very little wet cleaning of any kind.

It’s Beautiful!

Concrete floors that have been finished by concrete grinding are not only polished and unique, they also project a professional, sanitary, and clean image. Their high sheen enhances a room’s natural light, and can brighten even dim or dark rooms that draw less natural light. The natural Earth tone of a finished concrete floor is versatile enough for almost any decor or color theme, and few decor choices bring the outside in as well as floors finished by concrete floor grinding.

Learn More About Concrete Floor Grinding

A concrete service professional can help you learn more about concrete floor grinding options as well as other vital or beautifying services for your home or business. Contact Slabjack Geotechnical about concrete floor grinding today.

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