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February 9, 2018by Jerald Sargent0

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Your concrete has cracks, now what? Call SlabJack Geotechnical.

Exposed aggregate cracks can be very challenging to seal properly AND make look good.

Let’s first define the purpose of crack sealing. First and most important is to eliminate erosion by stopping water runoff from getting under the slab and eliminate plant growth. Secondly we would like the crack to look better if possible or at least not worst.

Caulking Aggregate cracks is more difficult to make look good due to the texture, especially without the addition of blending materials such as silica, blast sand or play sand.

SlabJack Geotechnical seals tens of thousands of feet of both joints and cracks each year. With the careful application of non sag caulk and by sprinkling blended sand over the caulk we can often significantly improve the appearance of cracks while at the same time reducing erosion and further settlement.

If you were wondering if your concrete can be saved call the professionals today, SlabJack Geotechnical. 855-752-2522

Superior technology, Superior polymers, Superior results.

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