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June 18, 2016by Jerald Sargent0

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Indeed it can and often does. But first let’s define what concrete slab curl is. Concrete slab curl is the bowing of concrete as it cures unevenly.

When concrete is poured on soil the tendency is for the bottom of the slab to stay wet and the top to quickly dry this uneven drying results in the slab curling up on the edges and along joints. This results in a slight dish in the center of the slab.

On a sloped driveway or sidewalk this slight bowing is generally not a problem however in garage floors where you want to have sufficient slope to drain water out of the garage this can create problems as water drains towards the opening but can’t overcome the curl and as a result water pools instead of draining out the door.

In warehouses or storage buildings that use forklifts to move products it can be especially problematic. The constant beating that the drivers and the materials receive can result in damage fruit and employee fatigue. In severe cases concrete slab curl results in slab fracturing and expensive repairs are then necessary.

1-855-752-2522 can stabilize slab curl through the use of specially formulated polymers injected into the void space under the slab curl. Additional grinding can then be done on the raised section of concrete along the joint to complete the repair.

If you’re dealing with slab curl call the concrete raising and leveling professionals today for an on-site consultation to see what can be done about your slab curled concrete.



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