Settled concrete repair in Spokane by Slabjack Geotechnical


With all the hills, valleys, annual rainfall, relatively high water table and the forest, Spokane is fairly prone to concrete settlement.

When homes are constructed on hills or slopes a fairly deep excavation for the foundation of the home is necessary, as a result fill dirt is used on the uphill side of the home or structure. This fill, if not properly compacted is prone to settling particularly with the addition of rainwater, snowmelt or simply sprinklers.

A high water table can also create problems. A high water table gradually moves small particles of soil whether it be clay or sand and this slow migration of materials through the water table results in the slow settling of supporting soil.

An organic layer of material that has not been removed in the construction process can also contribute to settling layers of soil. Whether it be pine-needles and leaves or wood and garbage as organic material breaks down it shrinks and settlement of supporting soils happens.

After construction there is little that can be done below the surface that is cost-effective for all but the most expensive of structures above. For settled home foundations piering is the most common repair but can run in the tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. For concrete slab’s and slab on grade construction such as pole barns and carports polyurethane slab jacking is recognized as the most technologically advanced and the most long-lasting repair.

In Spokane and surrounding areas including North Idaho Slabjack Geotechnical is the premier concrete raising and leveling contractor. Founded in 2011 we have raised thousands of slabs from simple sidewalks and patios to municipal pool decks to concrete stadiums to school district pump houses and handicap ramps to fruit warehouses and repair shops.

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