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Concrete Control Joint Spacing
Concrete Control Joint Spacing

We don’t pour new, we raise your settled and sunken concrete but…..

We often see broken concrete and the topic of control joints comes up. For new concrete we recommend joint spacing no greater than 10 feet. A general guideline is that the joint spacing in feet should be twice the slab thickness in inches. With most of today’s residential slabs being only 3 1/2″ this means a control joint every 7′

Joint depth is another issue. In order for a control joint to work properly it needs to be at least 1/4 the depth of concrete slab, so for most residential slabs a joint depth of 1″ is sufficient.

Sadly you can’t rely on many concrete contractors, it takes time to do it right. That’s why most concrete is just poured on Mother Earth with no compacted gravel, no rebar and poor joint spacing and depth. You have to specify what you want or you may not get it, so ask….in writing.

If you have settled concrete, call today.


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