Seawall and BulkheadHelp! My Seawall is failing!

December 30, 2017by Jerald Sargent0


SlabJack Geotechnical repairs problem seawalls and bulkheads.

Seawalls and Bulkheads are designed to prevent damage to what is behind them and do take some occasional maintenance.

Typically routine inspection would involve looking for cracks, wall movement, erosion and deterioration. If any of these problems are found a plan for repair would be formulated and the cost estimated.

Seawall repair ranges from $2500 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sealing a few cracks with a single component polyurethane injected in the ground along the crack would be on the low end. Using tieback anchors to pull the wall back into alignment may be in the ten(s) thousand dollar range. Significant damage, movement, void space, large walls or if buildings are involved needing an engineer, costs can go up quickly.

In the photo above we sealed 30′ feet of cold joint (you can see the material sealing the joint) above the waterline. We sealed the footer which was completely undermined in one section and curtain grouted an additional 40′ where the soil was subsiding behind the wall. Total cost was just under $15,000

While not inexpensive, it is much, much less costly than replacement which is getting more difficult due to the challenges of permitting.

If you are concerned about your Seawall or Bulkhead call today for a free inspection and if needed an estimate for repairs.


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