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June 18, 2016by Jerald Sargent0

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Repairing cracks in concrete is a question we often get, here’s what you need to know;

Once concrete has cracked it will act as a control joint, in other words it will continue to move, it can be stabilized to a degree but virtually any rigid topping placed over it such as more concrete or tile will crack exactly over the original crack line.

There are several things to consider with cracked concrete, first, is it a heated space? If so movement of the concrete will be greatly reduced due to heating and cooling (expansion and contraction) as a result floor coverings such as hardwood, laminate, linoleum and other semi rigid surfaces will generally be safe to install, you may even get away with some tile but ask your flooring expert which would be “safer” and less resistant to stress cracking.

If it is an exterior slab such as a driveway or sidewalk your best remedy is filling the crack with caulk, these are available in different formulations such as polyurethane, acrylic and silicone each with its own advantages and disadvantages. While we are on the topic, filling control joints is also recommended especially once the joint has broken. Keeping water, weed growth and ant colonies away from cracks and joints is key to keeping concrete stable.  Water moving through cracks, root growth and pests all create issues that caulking will help prevent.

In addition to raising and leveling settled concrete we repair and fill thousands of feet of cracked concrete so if you choose to hire someone to deal with your cracked concrete give us a call and we will take care of you.


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