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May 13, 2016by Jerald Sargent0

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One of the things that happens when concrete has uneven support is that control joints break and concrete cracks. Once this happens it is important to seal those joints and cracks to avoid further erosion of supporting base soils.  If concrete settling has occurred you will want to have the concrete leveled prior to sealing the cracks and the joints. While this is often a do-it-yourself project many people simply want it taken care of and to have a quality job done. So what does a quality job consist of?

Like painting, a quality job starts with a thorough cleaning of the surfaces needing to be caulked. Without adequately cleaning out the crack or joint the material, which ever you choose whether it be polyurethane or acrylic or silicone will not adhere to the concrete. This critical step is often overlooked by the DIY or the amateur.

At 1-855-752-2522 we remove any plant and weed growth, blow out with a high pressure air hose any remaining dirt, moss and debris then insert a properly sized foam backer rod (simply a foam rope) The foam backer rod helps the caulk adhere to the sides but not down into the bottom of the crack which would reduce the ability of the material to flex as the concrete expands and contracts throughout the season. We typically carry four different sizes of backer rod from 1-4″ to 1 1/8″ but can order rod as large as 3″ diameter or more.

Finally we apply the caulking material and tool it to a slightly concave profile. This ensures that the caulking isn’t walked on or driven across which would reduce its life expectancy.

If you have sunken and settled concrete give us a call we will not only provide a written estimate for raising a leveling you’re settled concrete but also joint and crack filling, call today.


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