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tilting pool deck

Tilting pool deck



Can a pool be raised? Occasionally a pool settles. If it is a gunite or concrete pool the answer is generally yes.

Pools do present some challenges due to weight, suction and plumbing. If a pool has damaged plumbing due to settlement or is damaged by lifting the pool that will need to be addressed after the pool is leveled.

Suction creates additional “load” to be lifted, as does adhesion of soils, slabs around the pool and the weight of sidewalls.

The process of pool raising is essentially the same as any other slab with the addition of a lot of patience and much more material. Occasionally deep injections of polymer, two to five feet below the pool are needed to firm up weak soils. Once these injections have been made or a soil density test has shown sufficient densities of base soils the lift can begin. Depending on the polymer selected injections are made 4′ to 8′ apart and are made in a sequence to reduce point loads to the pool floor. These injections are made until the lift desired is achieved.

The cost to raise a pool is primarily determined by the amount of material needed to do the job but complexity, location and other factors can play a significant role in determining the estimate. There is always the potential for a material surcharge with a pool lift and occasionally theses can be significant. Pool raising starts in the $4000 range and can be significantly over that for larger pools or pools with greater settlement.

Deciding what to do with a settled pool is nerve racking, allowing more time to pass is the worst thing you can do. Stabilizing that pool and getting it back to a level elevation is the most cost-effective thing you can do. As pool settle stress fractures can occur, plumbing and drains can be damaged, heating and lighting systems can be damaged and all of these issues get worse not better over time.

If you have noticed your concrete pool leaning or settling give the concrete raising and leveling professionals a call today.

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