What role do rodents and other critters play in settling concrete?


Raising settled concrete with Polylevel –

Occasionally we comes across some fairly large critter holes, do critters cause concrete settling? How big of a problem is this?

Animals are mostly opportunistic home builders, they seek out ready-made dens as much as possible then enlarge to fit their needs. Once they find a spot though, they can move a fairly large amount of supporting soil from under a porch or patio.  Once a depression has been made water can often more easily find its way under the concrete which results in further settling.

A concrete roof is ideal for a rodents home, they have a solid and secure roof with warm soil and they are mostly safe from humans.

If you notice paths leading under your concrete act to reduce problems. Fill with soil, or gravel, don’t put a hose in there, it just makes the hole larger. If you are ok with the concept use rodent traps or poison to eliminate the problem otherwise your job is to fill holes and block entrances. Rodents attract predators like snakes, who will also take up residence under your concrete once they’ve had dinner.

So in answer to the question, no, rodents are not a cause of initial concrete settling but can contribute to the problem.

The best solution for not only raising your concrete but for filling the voids used by rodents and other critters is Geo-polymer injection, it fills voids and unlike pressure grouting with mud can’t really be burrowed in, it’s too hard.

If you notice voids with or without setting concrete give us a call, we can help.



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