What causes concrete settlement?


Sinking concrete, settling concrete and slumping concrete. All terms used to try and explain what is happening when concrete is settling in soil.

Because concrete is so heavy it is prone to settling if site preparation was ignored. What is quality site preparation?

Compaction, soil barrier, drainage.

Simply put when soil is not compacted adequately it will compact over time and with added moisture.  A failure to compact will always result in settling.

A soil barrier is generally compacted gravel. Some soil types, primarily clay, will expand and then contract as it up-takes and releases water, by using a 4 to 6 inch layer of compacted gravel between the soil and the slab expansion and contraction will not be as prevalent or do as much damage to the concrete. In addition if your area is prone to clay soils using a concrete sealer will greatly reduce the propensity for clay soil’s to expand and contract.

Drainage also plays a critical role in keeping your concrete slabs stable. When homes don’t have gutters or have miss placed downspouts that concentration of water along foundations can cause porches and walks to settle. A mis-placed downspout near a sidewalk will always result in a sidewalk settling so correcting these problems is a key to eliminating settling.

If you are dealing with settling concrete you likely have one or more of the above problems. Give the concrete raising and leveling professionals a call today and we will get you taken care of.



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